AgX international exhibition – Taiwan and Berlin

Upcoming excitingness: my “AgX” project is about to receive two international screenings/exhibitions. Unknown

Firstly, one of the videos from the AgX project, “HNO3” (the strong acid sequence!), will be exhibited in Taipei in the 4th Taiwan International Video Art exhibition, which opens at the Hong-Gah Museum on October 31. An appropriate date no doubt, given the this year’s theme of the exhibition is “The Return of Ghosts.” This looks to be a fantastic exhibition with an incredible stable of international artists taking part.And I’m super excited to actually be going to Taipei to check it out!

And secondly, the OTHER AgX video, “H2O2”, will be screened in Berlin in early November, as part of the STATE Experience Science festival, the theme for which this year is STATE of Time. My film has been curated into this festival by New York’s Imagine Science Film Festival.

Seems like it is a good time to be destroying photographic negatives with acid…