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UNSETTLED Beltana interviews – preview

We have released a small preview of some of the documentary work coming out of the UNSETTLED project. This clip features images from interviews conducted with residents of the town of Beltana, a “ghost town” in the FLinders Ranges region of South Australia. In these interviews, residents are discussing the experience of living in the town, and reflecting on historical images of Beltana from the State Library of South Australia.

We’re raising funds to exhibit this project at the State Library of South Australia in 2017 – donate to our crowd-funding campaign here! https://australianculturalfund.org.au/projects/unsettled/.

UNSETTLED Crowdfunding is GO!

For the past 18 months, I’ve been working with Dea Morgain on a project in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. The Flinders is an incredible area – on the edge of the outback, surrounded by saltbush and salt-lakes, the Ranges are these massive crusts that rise out of the plains. The Flinders are areas of immense importance to the Indigenous people of that area, the Adnyamathanha people, and they were also the site of very intense colonial usage in the 19th century.

Given the region is filled with ghost towns and the crumbling remains of 19th century buildings, our project takes the figure of colonial ruin as a way in to re-assessing the stories we as Australians tell ourselves about our colonial past. We’re partnering with the State Library of South Australia and the Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association, and plan to exhibit the project at the State Library in Adelaide in 2017.

And we’re raising funds to make this happen. Maybe you can help?

We have been offered MATCH funding from the Australian Cultural Fund, who will match whatever we raise from a crowdfunding campaign up to $10,000 – providing we hit the target…! So – view the video above and CLICK HERE for the campaign website.