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The HOME Project

I’ve been involved lately in a project being run by academics and students in my school, the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern Cross University, in collaboration with this fantastic performing arts group, NORPA. The project is looking at issues of home and homelessness, and seeking to address the public perceptions of homelessness via a series of “creative investigations”, in whatever form or medium seems most appropriate. Our first foray into this area comes in the shape of an exhibition, “A Place for Everything”, which arises out of film and photography we shot during National Homeless Persons’ week in August 2011. There’s a short video below where I’ve edited together some of the materials.

Our intention is that this first exhibition sets up some ground for future collaborations with community members and organisations. What we’ve done so far is generate some media, build some relationships and gather some community stories around the issues, so our intention is that this can work as the seed for future more theatrical and performance-based public work. So, watch this space…