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The Ice Suite

I’m doing visuals for a new project entitled “The Ice Suite” – which is going to be performed at MONA in Tasmania in March 2012. This is a project developed by Bangalow composer Karena Wynn-Moylan; it’s a meditation on the last days of Scott in the Antarctic, developed for the centenary of Scott’s death in March 2012. I’m mixing all sorts of materials for this, using everything from photos of sparkles on water in Ballina, to ice photos from my time in Montreal, and Herbert Ponting’s photos from the actual expedition. This clip below is from the version we did at the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival – where we opened for Kamahl! Very much looking forward to doing it at MONA in 2012!

Kellerman: EXPANDED

I performed a new work recently at the 2011 SICRI Small Island Cultures Conference in Airlie Beach. This work is “Kellerman: EXPANDED,” a meditation on the undersea films of Australian champion swimmer and silent film star, Annette Kellerman. In this show, I’m mixing some Kellerman films (one starring her from the 1920s, and another one that is a biopic from the 1950s) plus other footage, to a soundtrack mixing excerpts from Mike Cooper’s “Rayon Hula” CD (available on Room40: http://www.room40.org) with songs from Phil Hayward’s “Tidelines” CD on the music of the Whitsunday Islands.

The show also features audio recordings of conference attendees talking about their experiences underwater, AND, even more exciting, it features live silent-film inter-titles provided by the audience using RSS feeds; I’m using a re-jigged version of the RSS Quartz patch in VDMX to capture blog comments written by the audience in real time, and I’m mixing them in to the film as they arrive. So, all the inter-titles you see on the video below have been supplied by the audience in real time.