Live A/V in Australia

This project is one of the outcomes of my current research into live audio-visual performance in Australia. As part of my broad interest in what goes on in the live a/v field, I’m interested in the practices and experiences of live a/v artists in Australia. I’m enquiring into how they as artists negotiate the parameters of this practice, this weird hybrid practice that incorporates random assemblages of laptops and controllers and mixers and Wiimotes, with notiLIVEav_0ons of narrativity, performativity, interactivity and improvisation. I’m also interested in whether any of this is specifically Australian, and how this art-form is supported in Australia, both in terms of support from funding bodies, and more generally in terms of the acceptance of live a/v within new media and performance art.

So in 2010, funded by a grant from my university, Southern Cross University, I conducted filmed interviews with a small selection of live a/v artists in Australia; from old-school VJs to circuit hackers and laser artists. This group of people is only a tiny selection of the huge and incredible population of live a/v artists in Australia, so in no way is this selection representative of the scene as a whole, but the concerns and ideas expressed by them will no doubt resonate with many others.

The major output from this project is an eBook published by the MediaObject journal – this is a free eBook downloadable from the MediaObject website or the UTS ePress site, that contains video interviews with the artists, plus text exploring and introducing the key themes of the project.

The initial outcome of this project, however, was an online documentary, put together using the dynamic video storytelling software Korsakow. Korsakow is designed for non-linear experiences, so, this online doco is not like a website designed around maximum informational transfer; it is designed for a more exploratory process…

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Live A/V in Australia


I’d like to express my immense gratitude to all the participants for welcoming me into their homes and studios and offices to be asked curly questions about their practice. So a big thankyou to:

  • Michela Ledwidge
  • Pia van Gelder
  • Barry Saunders & Dermot McGuire
  • Chris Caines
  • Sean Healy
  • Robert Jarvis
  • Robin Fox
  • Brigid Burke
  • Michael Colenso
  • Lloyd Barrett
  • Jaymis Loveday

And thanks to Mike Cooper for the audio-snippet in the intro 😉