The Moviolas

The Moviolas are an audio-visual ensemble that came together in 2014 to produce music that draws on the sonic traditions and atmospheres of cinema ‘re-versioned’ for live performance and recording. The Moviolas are based around the talents of composer and multi-instrumentalist Waldo Fabian, lyricist and scenarist Philip Hayward and video artist Grayson Cooke.

The first major project for The Moviolas has been the album and performance project “Dark Shadows” – music inspired by the soundtracks for horror films. In the clip below, we talk about the project and its inspiration.

I have made a whole bunch of music videos for this project, which are also re-mixed live when we do the project as a full live performance. CLICK HERE to visit the Music Videos page. There’s also more info on The Moviolas Website.