UNSETTLED Beltana interviews – preview

We have released a small preview of some of the documentary work coming out of the UNSETTLED project. This clip features images from interviews conducted with residents of the town of Beltana, a “ghost town” in the FLinders Ranges region of South Australia. In these interviews, residents are discussing the experience of living in the town, and reflecting on historical images of Beltana from the State Library of South Australia.

We’re raising funds to exhibit this project at the State Library of South Australia in 2017 – donate to our crowd-funding campaign here! https://australianculturalfund.org.au/projects/unsettled/.

UNSETTLED Crowdfunding is GO!

For the past 18 months, I’ve been working with Dea Morgain on a project in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. The Flinders is an incredible area – on the edge of the outback, surrounded by saltbush and salt-lakes, the Ranges are these massive crusts that rise out of the plains. The Flinders are areas of immense importance to the Indigenous people of that area, the Adnyamathanha people, and they were also the site of very intense colonial usage in the 19th century.

Given the region is filled with ghost towns and the crumbling remains of 19th century buildings, our project takes the figure of colonial ruin as a way in to re-assessing the stories we as Australians tell ourselves about our colonial past. We’re partnering with the State Library of South Australia and the Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association, and plan to exhibit the project at the State Library in Adelaide in 2017.

And we’re raising funds to make this happen. Maybe you can help?

We have been offered MATCH funding from the Australian Cultural Fund, who will match whatever we raise from a crowdfunding campaign up to $10,000 – providing we hit the target…! So – view the video above and CLICK HERE for the campaign website.

“AgX” exhibition at Brenda May Gallery, Sydney

bmg_agxI’m very excited to announce that next year, both “AgX” films will be exhibited at the Brenda May Gallery in Sydney. One of the few Sydney commercial galleries who focuses on media arts, the Brenda May Gallery features video works in their “black box projects” space, and come January 29, “AgX” will open as part of their gala exhibitions opening 2016. Details on the “AgX” showing at the gallery can be found here.

“Frack” up for Screengrab media art award

screengrabI’m very happy to announce that my virtual fracking project “Frack” is to be exhibited in the Screengrab International Media Arts Award in December. Convened by Mitch Goodwin from James Cook University, this is the 7th year this award has been run, one of Australia’s few major forums for the celebration of media arts. Shortlisted works will be exhibited at Pinnacles Gallery in Townsville QLD between December 2015 – February 2016.

Deforest at Imagine Science Festival New York

The Imagine Science Film Festival is coming up inISF-black-272-901 October in New York, and my “Deforest” work has been accepted for screening. The theme for the festival this year is “air”, highly relevant for a work focusing on the complex issue of deforestation, which is one of the major contributors to anthropogenic climate change.

Music video for “Trick or Treating” by The Moviolas

I’m very pleased to announce that the music video I’ve produced for The Moviolas “Trick or Treating” has now been released.

YouTube Preview Image

The Moviolas is a project by Phil Hayward and Waldo Garrido to produce music inspired by the soundtracks to horror films. I’m involved producing visual materials for the project, which will soon involve live performance as well as music video. The album, “Dark Shadows”, is now available on High Res Audio at: https://www.highresaudio.com/artist.php?abid=409023.

WRO Media Art Biennale

wro2015Very freaking excited that my “AgX” work is being shown in the WRO Media Art Biennale in Wrocław, Poland. The biennale opened May 13th, and runs until June 30th. Since its first edition in 1989, the WRO Media Art Biennale has been a major European forum for experimentation and discussion of media art, exploring new and emerging themes in contemporary culture and technology. This year’s edition, “Test Exposure”, is no exception, featuring over 150 artists from all around the world. Showing “AgX” in its full dual-screen manifestation in such a context is a huge privilege – and if i wasn’t already in the middle of marking and too many student enquiries and heading off to New Zealand to perform The Ice Suite at a Steampunk Festival, I’d be in Poland drinking vodka and looking at amazing art!

Virtual Fracking – trailer released

I’ve finally gotten the trailer for my new “virtual fracking” project up – this is an art/science project that builds on my previous work taking time-lapse macro-photography of photographic media being chemically destroyed. In this project, I am using chemicals used in hydraulic fracking to destroy photographs of sedimentary rock. << MORE INFO HERE >>

“AgX” at Currents New Media festival in Santa Fe


2015 is a good year to be melting photographs with acid: the “Agx” project has just been accepted into the Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’m very excited to be taking part in this festival, it’s a really innovative exploration of media installation and performance, all wrapped up in the rich space of New Mexico’s desert environment. Not sure yet if I’ll be able to make it over, but hopefully? Maybe? Santa Fe has a fake Western town used as a set for Hollywood Westerns, the Bonanza Creek Ranch! I NEED to visit!

AgX international exhibition – Taiwan and Berlin

Upcoming excitingness: my “AgX” project is about to receive two international screenings/exhibitions. Unknown

Firstly, one of the videos from the AgX project, “HNO3″ (the strong acid sequence!), will be exhibited in Taipei in the 4th Taiwan International Video Art exhibition, which opens at the Hong-Gah Museum on October 31. An appropriate date no doubt, given the this year’s theme of the exhibition is “The Return of Ghosts.” This looks to be a fantastic exhibition with an incredible stable of international artists taking part.And I’m super excited to actually be going to Taipei to check it out!

And secondly, the OTHER AgX video, “H2O2″, will be screened in Berlin in early November, as part of the STATE Experience Science festival, the theme for which this year is STATE of Time. My film has been curated into this festival by New York’s Imagine Science Film Festival.

Seems like it is a good time to be destroying photographic negatives with acid…