UNSETTLED exhibition

The UNSETTLED exhibition produced by myself and Dea Morgain was held at the State Library of South Australia in Adelaide Recently. More info on the project can be found here.

BONNYWOOD Rising trailer

Bonnywood Rising is a live cinema performance project I produced as part of the Arts Northern Rivers’ “If These Halls Could Talk” project. It consists of a film shot in collaboration with the community at the town of Bonalbo NSW, plus live narration by Alan Highfield and livemusic by Amphibian. More info here.


Open Air is a new project I’m working on, involving aerial images of the paintings of Emma Walker, and time-lapse satellite images of Australia. More info here.


“Yuwal Ata” is a drone film Dea Morgain and I produced recently, shot in the beautiful Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

“Yuwal Ata” is an Adnyamathanha phrase, it means “to make one’s own way across country.” Something drones seem to do very well 🙂 The phrase comes from the Adnyamathanha dictionary produced by Pearl McKenzie, the mother of Pauline McKenzie, one of our research associates and participants in the UNSETTLED project.

Music by guitar maestro Mike Cooper.

This Storm is Called Progress

This Storm is Called Progress is an art-science project produced by myself and Dugal McKinnon. In this project, footage of the Naracoorte Caves in South Australia is juxtaposed against time-lapse video of Landsat satellite images of Antarctic ice shelves, and acoustically framed by an electronic score. In effect this project pits the “deep time” of ancient geological formations against the anthropogenic time of the present, a technologically amplified time exemplified by the ceaseless monitoring of the earth by satellite.

This project has been exhibited in Australia and internationally – there is more info on the project here. Below are some images from its recent exxhibition at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Ballina.